Sales Engineer

 Recruitment     |      2018-05-17
Work unit: Dongling Technology Co., Ltd.
Academic requirements: Bachelor degree and above
Nature of work: full time
Work Location: Zhejiang - Jiashan
Work experience: 3 years or more related software design experience
Recruitment number: 2

✎Description of job

Job Responsibilities:
1. Under the leadership of the regional manager, responsible for the technical support and sales of the areas under their jurisdiction
2. Learn more about the markets under your jurisdiction. Through relevant market surveys (through the Internet, visits to customers, textual materials, etc.), familiarize themselves with the resource conditions of the areas under their jurisdiction, including population, agricultural level, product consumption level, sales target and gaps, existing outlets, and products Based on the above basic conditions, local market goals, local product share, product share, and major competitors are determined.
3. Excavate customer information, effectively filter; communicate with customers, establish customer relationships; track customer intentions in order to complete the marketing task quota; follow up during the contract execution, and communicate with the logistics office for effective information. Always know the progress and effect of the completion of the contract, in order to provide customers with quality services, and track the payment after the completion of the contract
4. Combining company arrangements, propose annual and monthly market sales and business trip plans
5. Execute the sales policy stipulated by the company and provide reasonable improvement suggestions based on market feedback.
6. Gather regional market information, grasp the regional market dynamics, characteristics and trends, and feedback the collected useful information to related departments such as the Ministry of Market for decision-making reference
7. Constantly study industry knowledge and constantly improve the quality of individual business so as to complete various task indicators, expand the company's market influence, enhance the competitiveness of the domestic market, and increase the visibility of the company.
8. Deal with the problems that customers have in the process of sales and use, procedures that need to be handled, help or contact relevant departments or units to properly solve
9, fill in the relevant sales form, weekly sales report, sales week report

job requirements:
1. Educational background: College degree or above, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, automation, etc.
2, with more than 1 year of sales experience, excellent graduates can also
3, with the best knowledge of electronic technology, mechanical and electrical integration, electrical technology, mechanical automation and other related knowledge
4, good language skills, communication skills, coordination

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