"I have a date with Spring" - 2016 Dorna trip

 Company news     |      2018-07-17
The year of the year lies in spring. In order to make everyone feel relaxed and relax, and to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company's employees, the company meticulously organized all employees to go to Wuxi for one-day activities.

 At 7:00 in the morning of May 7th, in the breeze, the tourist bus full of company employees set off from the Dorna's doorway and passed through the city district of Wuxi to Wuxi Sanguo Movie and Television City. The first thing to enter is the Three Kingdoms. City gatehouse. The tall three-nation attractions are located on the gates of the city gates, with flag-studying, two Han Dynasty beasts: Tianlu and evil spirits standing in the square. The gatehouse was once used by Zhuge Liang in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” to set aside a few hundred thousand troops. Ground. In the central square of the city, surrounded by flowers, a huge crowd of heroes stands upright, rolling smoke rises from inside the tripod and adds a smoke-filled atmosphere to the sights of the three nations. Afterwards, the real person performing "The Three British Wars Riboud" made the atmosphere more intense;

Although there is no clear skies, everyone is full of passion.

   At noon, everyone gathered for lunch. After the delicacies, they came to Wuxi Shuizi City; Cuixian Building, Yanggu County, Ximen Pharm, Zishi Street, Wudalang House, Wangpo Tea House, Zheng Tu Meat Shop, and Daxiangguo Temple.... In front of you. While we were enjoying the scenery of Shuiqi City, we also did not forget to take pictures to commemorate and enhance our mutual feelings.

   After the end of the day's journey, although it feels a bit tired, I feel very happy. Through this spring visit, everyone not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, relaxed body and mind, eased the pressure brought about by working life, but also provided a platform for everyone to communicate and exchange. Various departments took advantage of this opportunity to actively communicate for the future. Coordination and cooperation have laid a good foundation.

   I believe that in the future work, employees will devote more full-hearted work enthusiasm to their own jobs, and contribute their strength to the company's flourishing development.

   Beautiful spring, we set sail, we are proud because we are young, we are proud because we are a team, we are proud because we are all members of Dorna Technology Co., Ltd.!