Falling in the sea during the fall season - September 2017 D

 Company news     |      2018-05-17
2017 is a different year. September is a month full of hope and harvest. In order to thank all employees of Dongling, the company’s leadership meeting decided to organize a two-day Ningbo Xiangshan in September. "Beach Waves + Movie City Tour"!

On the morning of September 2, after the organization and arrangement of company department leaders, the company’s 300-odd employees were organized and disciplined. In accordance with the scheduled number of personnel and their names, they systematically boarded six tourist buses at 7 o'clock on time. After more than three hours of driving, the travel agency’s drivers and tour guides successfully arrived at the beach. According to the guidance of the tour guides, everyone came to the long-awaited seaside.

At this moment, the sky is slightly cool, the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and the tourists are like the sea. No one can endure the temptation of living in the sea and the sand. They are eager to come to the beach and prepare to flow into the sea with the seawater. Sunlight, beach, waves, beauty, handsome guy, wind, water, waves, all kinds of wonderful factors intertwined, painted into a piece of beach tourism belonging to the "all employees of Dongling close-up!" Beach tourism close-up of all employees of Dongling ! Wonderful!

Pleasant time, always fast. The two-hour beach trip ended in a flash. Many people were still full of ideas and would not leave. From this we can see that the waves of the sea, the beach play, and the attraction of everyone, can also be seen in the success of the company's organization of tourism and its success!

After a brief seaside trek, they also visited the Xiangshan National Cultural Village and the Dongmen Fishing Village. The root carving art works of Xiangshan folk artist Zheng Zhenben attracted everyone's attention and attracted people to take photos and pose for pictures. The Dongmen Fishing Village is the first fishery village in Zhejiang Province, and the island has the most complete Mazu Temple in Zhejiang Province. Mazu Temple is solemn and solemn. It has survived storms and rises, blessing the local fishermen. It is well weathered and safe. Many people have taken pictures of the Mazu Temple alone and have already prepared for the memorial.

At this point, the tourism activities on September 2 basically ended. Everyone guided by the guides came to the farmhouse where they stayed, ate dinner, lived in the farmhouse, and experienced the country life.

On the morning of September 3, many people got up early to eat breakfast and waited eagerly to experience “Xiangshan Movie & Television City + the Republic of China City” to find the footprints of idols and start the transcendence journey of film and television dramas.
Came to Xiangshan Movie and Television City, a majestic tall and breathtaking scenic gate, and more than 300 people took photos together according to the guide's coordination and prepared an exquisite group photo in advance for the tour! After taking a photo, everyone organized and ordered to enter the area for free activities.

Basically, everyone visits the area according to the guide map of the area. The real show of martial arts is one of the most enjoyable programs. “Sword of Health and Health” “Rhythroid Iron Ball”, a master on the stage for ten minutes, ten years of performances at the stage, and a live-action performer, follow the “scrub props” → “satisfaction” → “swallowing props” → “give up spit” The basic steps of the show are real and vivid and show the attraction of traditional Chinese cultural performances. Real performances have attracted warm applause and cheers, and they have also received positive feedback from everyone. The interaction between the actors and the audience is extremely intimate and intimate. This shows that the charm of this program is extraordinary!

After enjoying the show of real people, everyone visited the places where the various film and television programs were taken and the scenes of the shooting scene, so that everyone could understand more about the difficulties and hardships of film and television programs. Let everyone understand the details behind the film and television show. Everyone stopped and took pictures from time to time, take pictures and take pictures from time to time, playful, mutual fun, laughter, and extraordinary fun.

When Journey to the West took pictures, Huaguoshan Shuiliandong, Shuitianxian, continuous water flow, and refreshing bursts of water, attracted huge crowds and gathered high popularity. Men and women, young and old, long-sleeved, shorts, handsome, beautiful, handsome, contested, individual personality, leading the trend.

Passing through the bustling crowds of people, they have seen the beautiful scenery and came to another interactive venue "Delicious House". This is the ancient idea of ​​“throwing the ball and bringing the woman to the ball”. It has been popular for thousands of years and it has become the most common section of the film and television programs.

At this point, the film and television city's tour finished the curtain call. The hungry people wait for lunch at noon. Sure enough, as soon as we arrived at the dining room, everyone ransacked the food and ransacked the meal. In less than 15 minutes, more than 300 people completed the meal.

At about 2 pm on September 3rd, Dongling employees who ended the journey of “Beaching on the Sea - Seeing Gendiao – Visiting Mazu – Going to the Movie and Television City” came back to the company in an orderly manner by returning to their designated vehicles and seats.
I believe that in the follow-up work, all employees will certainly put their full work enthusiasm into their own positions in the work for the company's development and growth to make their own due obligations and responsibilities.

Golden autumn is a season full of hope and harvest. We work together and we strive to make progress. We fight hard because we are all family members. We are all part of the big family of Dongling. I love my family. I love "Dongling!"