EPS-B1 AC servo system

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Input voltage:
three-phase / single-phase 220VAC +10% ~ -15% 50/60Hz
Three-phase 380VAC +10% ~ -15% 50/60Hz
Power section: 0.05KW ~ 55KW
Motor flange (mm): 40 60 80 90 100 110 130 142 180 220 250
Upgrade of DORNA AC servo motors
yle="width:108px;">   yle="width:156px;"> Before yle="width:156px;"> After yle="width:204px;"> Remarks
yle="width:108px;"> Model number yle="width:156px;"> 60DNMA1-0D20DKAK yle="width:156px;"> 60DNMA2-0D20DKAK yle="width:204px;"> DNMA1 to DNMA2
yle="width:108px;"> Motor design yle="width:156px;"> 4 pole pairs yle="width:156px;"> 5 pole pairs yle="width:204px;">  
yle="width:108px;"> Product range yle="width:156px;"> 60DNMA1
yle="width:156px;"> 60DNMA2
yle="width:204px;"> All motors from 0.2KW~3KW both 220V & 380V voltage class will be upgraded.
For 180/200mm flange we will not make such changes.
yle="width:108px;"> Reasons for upgrade yle="width:516px;"> ·         Motor length reduced for 130mm flange motors
·         Production process more automated for higher productivity and reliability
·         Enhanced motor performance
yle="width:108px;"> Prices yle="width:516px;"> Not changed
yle="width:108px;"> Cables yle="width:516px;"> Not changed
yle="width:108px;"> Servo drives yle="width:516px;"> Not changed. For parameter changes see below.
Additional remarks:
1.       To use old version drives with new motors (5pp) user should set AF03=315 then PA940=5 PA949=0001 and restart;
2.       To use new version drives with old motors (4pp) user should set AF03=315 then PA940=4 PA949=0001 and restart;

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